Get to know Ryan Berry


Ryan Berry

Director of Inspiration

Ryan was born in 2010 and since then has grown into a very inquisitive young man.  He is an avid reader that loves reading about history and science.  From an early age his favorite books were learning about historical and scientific facts, such as encyclopedia’s and 5000 facts books.  He loves animals and has three cats and a dog.  He began taking piano in 2015 and is quite an accomplished piano player.  In addition to piano he plays soccer, is a cub scout, loves to play chess and roller skate.  He loves to swim and kayak as well as being active in his school’s run club.  He is a manager for the Credit Union at his school.  He is also a safety and works with 2nd grade kids helping them to learn to read.  He is inspiring in his zest for learning and life and therefore is aptly the Director of Inspiration.